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Industrial Strength Degreaser!


Available:  4 oz. 32 oz. 64 oz. 5 gal. 55 gal. 275 gal. tote

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You'll Be Surprised at All the Uses You'll Find
for this Special Cleaner.

This special ORANGE formula is highly concentrated to save money. It cuts through grease, oils and resins quickly and easily. It is powerful enough to clean commercial exhaust filters, but also gentle enough to use on your laundry. Perfect for every cleaning job with just the right dilution, from driveways to machinery, to stoves, barbecues, carpets, even walls and tile.

Outperforms Most Conventional Cleaners -
Without Toxic Residues.

This highly concentrated water-based alkaline with orange cleaner easily cleans the toughest jobs. This special corrosion preventative solution is tested safe and effective. You can use it indoors or out without the worry of overwhelming odors or toxic residue. Simply spray or wipe it on and rinse the surface clean. Only the fresh orange scent remains.

It comes in 4 ounce, 32 ounce, 64 ounce, five gallon, and fifty-five gallon drum sizes, as well as 275 gallon totes for commercial, industrial applications. Expanded dilution chart and directions are included on each container.

'Oil Eater'
Oil Eater Orange Cleaner is excellent for cleaning tough printing inks and quickly removes cooking grease without toxic residues.

Orange Cleaner Applications:


Exhaust Filters   •   Commercial Stoves
Exhaust Hoods   •   Counter Tops
Upholstery   •   Carpets
Wax Remover   •   Concrete Floors
Parts Washers   •   Adhesives
Machinery   •   Tools

Laundry Pre-Wash   •   Scuff Marks
Fiberglass   •   BBQ Grills
Stoves   •   Counter Tops
No Wax Floors   •   Tub, Tile, & Grout


2 'KAFKO'AOD3211902
32 oz. AOD3211902

64 oz. AOD6411907

Available in 55 gal. & 275 gal. totes

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